Why ‘fighting it out’ is healthier than avoiding conflict

Turning a negative mindset into a positive one using conflict might sound counterproductive, but it can build resilience, find solutions and improve relationships in your workplace.  The idea of being in conflict conjures up unpleasant feelings – including stress, anxiety, anger, fear and hurt – for the majority of people. This explains why we often […]

Category: HR Zone | Monday 7 November 2022 | Author: Alex Efthymiades
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The Business Case For Conflict Resolution Skills In A Recession

With predictions of an economic downturn and global recession looming, budgets will be under increasing scrutiny in the coming months. Investment in learning and development is often one of the first areas to be squeezed, with pressure to cut back on training programs and management development initiatives. One particular training area that should not be […]

Category: Forbes | Wednesday 19 October 2022 | Author: Anna Shields
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3 Questions Leaders Should Ask Themselves To Expand Perspectives

Perspective-taking is a valuable leadership skill. The ability to see things from another person’s position facilitates productive debate, helps us work through problems, and build trusting relationships. Considering a range of perspectives is also an essential part of conflict resolution. Yet when people find themselves in challenging situations, perspective is often the first thing to […]

Category: Forbes | Wednesday 7 September 2022 | Author: Anna Shields
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Why the increased demand for conflict resolution services?

Numerous factors are contributing to significant increases in demand by organisations for conflict resolution services, particularly mediation. Worryingly, organisations are also experiencing an escalation of formal employee grievances. Some of the reasons for this relate to the disruption to our lives caused by the pandemic, which has put extensive pressure on HR professionals and managers. This has […]

Category: HR Magazine | Wednesday 10 August 2022 | Author: Alex Efthymiades
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After The Great Resignation, Is The Great Grievance Next?

2021 was the start of the Great Resignation, when millions of workers left their jobs. This year, there are signs of a new workplace trend, one that is impacting employers and employees alike. Workplace mediators are seeing a significant increase in employee disputes being referred for mediation after a grievance has been raised, indicating that employees are […]

Category: Forbes | Wednesday 3 August 2022 | Author: Anna Shields
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