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    Consensio’s conflict management and workplace mediation training courses will transform how organisations respond to conflict. Our Accredited Workplace Mediation Certificate is the flagship course for aspiring internal and consultant workplace mediators. We also offer short mediation and conflict management skills courses to upskill HR professionals, managers and leaders.

    All mediation courses and seminars are currently online (virtual/remote).


    UK's Leading Workplace Mediation Specialists

    Consensio is a leading mediation and conflict management provider with a distinctive approach. Consensio’s team of experts works in partnership with clients to develop and deliver effective solutions to workplace conflict. Based in London, we work with some of the UK’s leading organisations to provide workplace mediators, accredited workplace mediation training and conflict resolution services. Our clients include: BBC, British Gas, Bupa, Cancer Research UK, Channel 4 Television, Deparment for Business, Innovation & Skills, IPCC, Net-a-Porter, numerous NHS Trusts, Ogilvy, Prudential, Rank Group, Sony, United Nations, University of Cambridge and Westminster City Council.


    New online mediation case study

    In our new mediation case study, a senior manager working in the field of mental health shares a personal story of being in conflict with their boss, and how online mediation helped them to move forward.

    In the case study, you can read about:

    – The impact of conflict whilst working from home during the pandemic.
    – The experience of online mediation and how it helped to resolve a broken relationship.
    – How the parties involved now manage their issues more collaboratively.

    Click here to read the case study

    Complimentary Online Webinars

    Consensio’s Webinar Dates

     Consensio Complimentary Mediation Seminars

    2 November, 11am, Tackling prejudicial ‘isms’ in workplace conversations
    When someone behaves in a discriminatory way, it can be difficult to decide what, if anything, to do. This decision can be especially complicated at work when so many other dynamics are in play, such as social and personal identities, power, status, and (lack of) entitlement to speak from experience. But it’s likely that, at some point while at work, you have thought to yourself, “Am I hearing what I think I’m hearing? Am I going to have to listen to this? Am I going to say something?”

    Join us on 2 November at 11am for a conversation with Professor Elizabeth Stokoe from Loughborough University, to discuss her research into tackling prejudicial ‘isms’ in workplace conversations.
    Click here to register.

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