A Stitch In Time: Why It Pays To Spend Time Resolving Conflict At Work

When conflict flares up with a colleague, it’s easy to ignore it. Everyone is busy, time is precious, and there are deadlines to meet. In Oliver Burkeman’s new book, “Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals,” he highlights that the average life span is 80 years or just 4,000 weeks on earth. With this in […]

Category: Forbes | Tuesday 31 August 2021 | Author: Anna Shields
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The Impact Of Covid On Workplace Conflict

As more countries move tentatively back to a version of ‘normal’, and organizations cement their plans for working patterns, leaders may anticipate some unhappiness or discord amongst staff. But many may not be prepared for the number of workplace conflict issues rising to the surface. Workplace mediators have noticed some new themes in employee conflict […]

Category: Forbes | Tuesday 3 August 2021 | Author: Anna Shields
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Getting your head around workplace conflict

With Acas reporting that workplace conflict is costing UK businesses over £28.5 billion a year, ensuring staff have the skills to resolve issues that arise at work is crucial. But it’s more than just what to say and when. What we often overlook is how our attitudes and beliefs affect how we approach conflict. Adopting […]

Category: Business Express | Thursday 29 July 2021 | Author: Anna Shields
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Training skills for invisible conflict conversations

Conflict at work causes significant organisational and personal costs. The solution lies in developing leaders and managers who can spot problems early and tackle them before they escalate, says Anna Shields. Nearly 10m employees experience workplace conflict every year, at a cost to UK companies of £28.5bn, according to a recent report published by Acas. A […]

Category: Training Journal | Tuesday 27 July 2021 | Author: Anna Shields
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Putting The Bot On The Other Foot: 3 Things Chatbots Can Teach Us About Conflict

Whether making a product inquiry or trying to resolve a customer service issue, most of us have interacted with AI or chatbots. And most of the time, it’s with varying degrees of success. Anyone who uses Siri or Alexa is likely to have tales of queries gone wrong or frustrated attempts at seemingly simple requests.  […]

Category: Forbes | Wednesday 7 July 2021 | Author: Anna Shields
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