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In praise of mediation: keeping the peace in the workplace – The Guardian

A government consultation has concluded that the benefits of resolving disputes through mediation are not only financial Public sector organisations are increasingly looking towards mediation as an alternative to traditional processes such as grievances, investigations and employment tribunals. A Consensio survey into how and why the public sector is using mediation has shed light on […]

Category: The Guardian | Friday 2 March 2012 | Author: Tania Coke
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How mediation helps Camden Council reduce grievances – The Guardian

Sue Rice explains why the borough has developed an in-house mediation service for its staff Mediation has been used in Camden to address a range of different issues including relationship breakdowns, personality clashes, communication problems and allegations of bullying and harassment. This has been a challenging time across the public sector and I am pleased […]

Category: The Guardian | Friday 22 July 2011 | Author: Hannah King
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The Case for Mediation – The Guardian

Getting employees and managers to talk before formal grievance procedures begin can save time, money and long-term negativity By Karl Cockerill We first set up our in-house mediation scheme at NHS East Lancashire in 2008. I remember that our interim HR director tried to convince me that the way forward was to bring in mediation […]

Category: The Guardian | Wednesday 1 September 2010 | Author: Hannah King
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