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“A member of my team has personal issues and this is affecting their productivity. How do I respond to this sympathetically?” The Mediator…Alex Efthymiades, Director, Consensio This is an issue that a lot of managers have to deal with on an ongoing basis. The key here is to communicate openly and honestly with your employee. […]

Category: Executive Grapevine | Sunday 2 January 2011 | Author: Alex Efthymiades
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Using Mediation to Retain Talent – Executive Grapevine

People don’t like conflict in the workplace. People want to work where, should they have a problem, there’s a process in place to reach a speedy resolution. They want to work in an organisation which supports them should difficulties occur. So, when you’re looking at how best to retain your talent – and not just […]

Category: Executive Grapevine | Thursday 1 July 2010 | Author: Anna Shields
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