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The richness of difference in the workplace: A 21st Century gold rush

In 19th Century America, people rushed in droves to California hoping to become rich from the plentiful resource lying previously unnoticed in rocks and rivers across the land. Currently, another untapped resource is gaining recognition: the resource of difference. The workplace is rife with differences: of opinions, values, cultures, priorities, tastes, assumptions, expectations, hopes. These […]

Category: HR Zone | Monday 24 July 2023 | Author: Alice Mitchell
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Why ‘fighting it out’ is healthier than avoiding conflict

Turning a negative mindset into a positive one using conflict might sound counterproductive, but it can build resilience, find solutions and improve relationships in your workplace.  The idea of being in conflict conjures up unpleasant feelings – including stress, anxiety, anger, fear and hurt – for the majority of people. This explains why we often […]

Category: HR Zone | Monday 7 November 2022 | Author: Alex Efthymiades
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From grievance to mediation: harnessing the potential of informal resolution

In recent years, workplace mediation has become increasingly mainstream. It’s now a key part of many organisations’ HR policies, with the aim to resolve disputes informally between staff, rather than through costly formal processes. Mediation is often very useful in helping parties in conflict move forward. However, some parties who are offered mediation are reluctant […]

Category: HR Zone | Tuesday 22 February 2022 | Author: Anna Shields
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How remote working amplifies perceptions of bullying – HR Zone

Accusations of bullying are rife in the virtual workplace. This is why HR leaders need to understand how remote working can amplify perceptions of bullying behaviour and support employees in speaking up. Allegations of bullying are never far from the headlines. Whether it’s the news that Buckingham Palace is investigating claims that Meghan bullied staff, […]

Category: HR Zone | Wednesday 5 May 2021 | Author: Anna Shields
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How to manage the ‘R number’ for conflict at work

By Anna Shields 6 November 2020  Like a virus, conflict can spread within organisations, with those involved infecting others around them. Leaders need to be aware of the R rate for conflict in their organisation and implement strategies to prevent and manage conflict. The growing R number for Covid-19 is making headlines again. In September 2020, R went […]

Category: HR Zone | Monday 9 November 2020 | Author: Anna Shields
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