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How to have less stressful conflict conversations

Workplace conflict can cause significant anxiety, but difficult conversations can be managed in ways that minimise stress for all involved, writes Alexandra Efthymiades. Stress Awareness Week (30 October – 3 November) gives us an opportunity to reflect on the causes and consequences of stress, and to think about how we can better manage it. Undoubtedly, […]

Category: Personnel Today | Wednesday 1 November 2023 | Author: Alex Efthymiades
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‘Remote conflict’: What happens when teams work from home?

It may be easy to assume that conflict only happens face to face, but even as entire teams have been disbanded and working from home, it can still rise to the surface. Anna Shields looks at the challenges that we can expect from workplace conflict issues in the ‘new normal’ era of remote working.  Workplace […]

Category: Personnel Today | Thursday 28 May 2020 | Author: Anna Shields
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Working from home: How HR can deal with the daily dilemmas

With schools potentially out for summer, the practical challenges of managing a remote workforce and supporting managers to deal with their own teams have just got even more difficult. From dropped video calls to managing expectations around working with children at home, how can HR professionals cope?  For HR departments across the UK, Monday (23 March) […]

Category: Personnel Today | Tuesday 24 March 2020 | Author: Alice Mitchell
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How to avoid Christmas conflict at work

December can be a busy and fraught time in the workplace. How should managers deal with the stresses and strains of the season and avoid conflict in the office? Anna Shields suggests some strategies for the festive period. “That” time of year is rapidly approaching. The season of goodwill to all will soon be here. […]

Category: Personnel Today | Tuesday 3 December 2019 | Author: Anna Shields
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‘I know I’m not a bully, and I felt the need to say that’: an employee’s account of mediation

Every HR professional will be aware of the benefits of workplace mediation, particularly if it can avoid the cost and stress of an employment tribunal. But how does it feel for the employee? Here’s one anonymous worker’s experience of the process.  I never discovered mediation – it discovered me. After 15 years of success as […]

Category: Personnel Today | Wednesday 2 October 2019 | Author: Anna Shields
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