Team Mediation

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Consensio works with teams and groups to help them manage workplace conflict more effectively through our in-person and online team mediation and facilitation services.

Our team mediation and facilitation processes offer organisations a constructive way to resolve multi-party disputes. These interventions share the same principles as two-party mediation: they are confidential, voluntary, impartial processes that support parties to reach a mutually acceptable resolution.

Why use Team Mediation?

  • It’s a safe environment for teams to voice any issues or frustrations, and look at how these can be resolved.
  • It’s flexible and responsive to each team member’s needs.
  • It’s an opportunity to identify what’s working well, as well as what could be improved.
  • It provides an agreed framework for effective team working.

What’s the structure of a Team Mediation?

Our team mediation and facilitation processes are dynamic and based on each team’s individual needs. In general, they follow these 6 steps:

  1. A referral process to discuss the suitability of the case.
  2. Preparation for the case, which includes a team questionnaire.
  3. Individual meetings with each team member (this is not always necessary with a very large team).
  4. Planning and development stage, based on the questionnaires and the individual meetings. In some instances, Consensio may recommend smaller group meetings between certain team members.
  5. The mediator will facilitate a joint session with all team members.
  6. Consensio can continue to support the team after the mediation or facilitation for up to one year.

Click here for Consensio’s team mediation factsheet.

Please contact us for further details of our team mediation services.


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