Complimentary Conflict Management Webinars

Seminars -

Unresolved workplace conflict is time- and resource-intensive. Consensio invites you to one of our complimentary webinars to explore how you can start to implement a culture of conflict management within your organisation.

Our upcoming webinar topics are:

2 November, 11am – 11.45am, Tackling prejudical ‘isms’ in workplace conversations.

When someone behaves in a discriminatory way, it can be difficult to decide what, if anything, to do. This decision can be especially complicated at work when so many other dynamics are in play, such as social and personal identities, power, status, and (lack of) entitlement to speak from experience. But it’s likely that, at some point while at work, you have thought to yourself, “Am I hearing what I think I’m hearing? Am I going to have to listen to this? Am I going to say something?”

Join us on 2 November at 11am for a conversation with Professor Elizabeth Stokoe from Loughborough University, to discuss her research into tackling prejudical ‘isms’ in workplace conversations. Register now.




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