Mediation Process

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Consensio’s facilitative mediation model is focused, dynamic, flexible and effective. Our mediation services are delivered by highly experienced and accredited workplace mediators.

1.) Mediation referral process
Consensio will speak with the client referring a case for mediation to assess whether it is suitable for mediation and to discuss expectations. Consensio will send the client a mediation referral form and allocate a mediator to the case.

2.) Pre-mediation preparation

A Consensio mediator will have confidential telephone conversations with the parties to introduce themselves and answer any questions or concerns that the parties may have prior to meeting them on the day of mediation. The parties will be sent a number of documents to help them prepare for mediation.

3.) Mediation day

In most cases, the Consensio mediator will work with parties face-to-face for a full day. Team mediation cases will take longer as there are more parties involved.

Individual meetings: The mediator will meet each party individually for about one hour before the joint mediation session.

The purpose of these meetings is for each party to explain what has brought them to mediation. The mediator will support each party to explore the underlying issues relating to their conflict and allow each to consider their goals for mediation.

Joint meetingThe mediator will support the parties to communicate with each other openly, honestly and constructively. Whilst the mediator is responsible for the structure of mediation, the parties control the content and outcome of mediation. Because the mediator is impartial, s/he will not make suggestions or recommendations to the parties.

Most mediations result in an agreement or action plan which the parties can employ in the workplace. The goal of mediation is to allow parties to resolve their conflicts in a safe and structured environment.

4.) Follow-up support with parties post-mediation
The mediator will discuss any agreed follow-up arrangements with the parties. With their consent, the mediator will share pre-agreed feedback regarding their experience of mediation with the person who referred the case to mediation.

Consensio’s follow-up process can be tailor-made to fit parties’ needs. The parties may request another meeting with the mediator and/or regular telephone conversations.

More information

For more information, please visit our Mediation FAQ.

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