Setting up an Internal Mediation Service

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For many organisations, setting up an internal mediation service runs concurrently with training a team of accredited mediators. Consensio works in partnership with clients to create a new or adapt an existing in-house mediation scheme.

Why set up an Internal Mediation Service?

  • It’s a cost- and time-effective way of informally managing internal conflicts.
  • It resolves conflicts internally and at an early stage.
  • It creates an organisational culture of conflict management.
  • It develops employee skills in conflict management.

How can Consensio support you?
There are various components to setting up a successful mediation scheme. Consensio can assist you in a number of ways:

Consultation with Key Stakeholders
A successful internal mediation service needs the buy-in from key stakeholders within an organisation. Consensio can work with you to make the business case for mediation.

Mediation Policies and Procedures
Guidance on how to incorporate mediation into new or existing organisational policies and procedures.

Marketing the Internal Mediation Service
Awareness-raising is an integral part of all successful internal mediation services. Consensio will work with you to help market your in-house service.

An organisation that is setting up an internal mediation service needs to select their best internal mediators. Consensio works with clients to provide advice and support with all stages of the recruitment process,.

Consensio’s accredited workplace mediation training course is the benchmark course for in-house mediators and is both an open access, and in-house course.  Intensive, participatory and highly experiential, this mediation course enables delegates to confidently work as internal workplace mediators in all types of disputes.

Consensio also designs and delivers short conflict resolution and mediation courses  to train managers and other employees to more effectively manage workplace conflict.

External Mediation Services
Many workplace disputes can be resolved by using an internal mediator. However, access to an external mediator is important in more serious cases , if the internal capacity cannot meet demand, or where this is requested by one of the parties. Consensio provides workplace mediation services across the UK and internationally.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
Consensio offers ongoing training and support for all mediators working within an internal mediation service. Because newly qualified internal mediators may not have the opportunity to apply and practice their mediation skills as regularly as external mediators, Consensio provides an extensive CPD programme, including refresher training, skills development and supervision.

Evaluation of an Internal Mediation Service
Consensio works with clients to evaluate their in-house mediation service to determine the impact of the mediation scheme on employees and the organisation as a whole.

Please contact us to discuss how Consensio can support you to adapt an existing or set up a new internal mediation service.

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