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Why conflict is ruining your workplace – and how to fix it

When staff fall out, everyone in your business suffers. Here’s how HR can begin the fightback On paper, they don’t seem like much. A colleague is excluded from work conversations and not invited to a meeting when a new project is introduced. Another is cut off in the middle of answering a question or pulled […]

Category: People Management | Friday 24 January 2020 | Author: Anna Shields
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There’s more than one way to solve a dispute

By Jane Simms Resolving workplace differences is a fine art – and many businesses have been getting it dramatically wrong Put down the franking machine and step away from your annoying colleague: the first rule of resolving conflict at work is to stop thinking of it as a problem. We see confrontation and disagreement as […]

Category: People Management | Thursday 27 July 2017 | Author: Hannah King
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Case study: Ogilvy & Mather – People Management

By Peter Crush Why media execs needed to stop sidestepping conflict to steer the agency through difficult times You probably didn’t need to follow the histrionics of Mad Men’s Don Draper et al to know the ad industry has a reputation for employing its fair share of difficult egos and creative directors not afraid of […]

Category: People Management | Wednesday 23 December 2015 | Author: Hannah King
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How to control conflict – People Management

By Jo Faragher Office conflict often starts at a low level. But the consequences are increasingly grave. How can HR nip friction in the bud? Picture the scene. You manage a team in a call centre. An employee has stolen a computer game from a colleague’s car and held his keys to ransom. Others are […]

Category: People Management | Friday 6 February 2015 | Author: Hannah King
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Case Study: Independent Police Complaints Commission – People Management

By Carly Chynoweth Plebgate, child abuse in Rotherham, the Hillsborough tragedy: the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC), responsible for monitoring the police forces of England and Wales, investigates some of the most complex, difficult and emotionally charged scenarios in law enforcement. People who come into contact with the organisation – police officers, victims and family […]

Category: People Management | Thursday 1 January 2015 | Author: Hannah King
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