3 Ways Leaders Can Improve Their Communication In 2021

Over the last year, the UK government has been accused of sending mixed messages about the Covid-19 pandemic. Christmas was on, and then it was off. In early January, parents were told to ‘absolutely’ send their children to school before directing schools to close the next day. Now, vaccine efficacy is in the headlines due […]

Category: Forbes | Tuesday 2 February 2021 | Author: Anna Shields
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Employee Monitoring Vs. Workplace Trust In An Age Of Remote Working

This year, as communities came together to fight Covid-19, millions of employees packed up their desks and headed for their study, kitchen, or shed.  Technology responded, supporting teams to find new ways to collaborate through digital channels. But this connected virtual workplace brought friction too. As the months rolled on, leaders started to worry that […]

Category: Forbes | Wednesday 13 January 2021 | Author: Anna Shields
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What Leaders Need To Know About Bullying In The Remote Workplace

A manager stares impatiently at an empty Zoom screen and thinks: “Late again for our catch up. Typical! And why haven’t they provided the information I requested? Working remotely makes it easier for them to avoid me.” The line report hovers over the ‘join meeting’ icon, with an impending sense of doom. “I can’t face […]

Category: Forbes | Wednesday 2 December 2020 | Author: Anna Shields
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3 Mediation Skills To Help Navigate Conflict In Times Of Uncertainty

By Anna Shields 15 October 2020 Organizations are facing turbulent times ahead. Not only are the U.K., U.S., and many other economies in recession, but there is no end in sight for the Covid-19 pandemic. As the continued uncertainty affects morale and well-being, minor irritations between colleagues can escalate and intensify to all-out conflict. It […]

Category: Forbes | Monday 9 November 2020 | Author: Anna Shields
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From Blame To Empathy: Lessons For Leaders To Diffuse Conflict

In the recent U.K. exam results fiasco, there has been finger-pointing in all directions. Gavin Williamson, Education Secretary, looked to blame Ofqual. The Chair of Ofqual demanded the Department of Education admit it was behind the grades U-turn. Then came high-level job losses, followed by Boris Johnson blaming a ‘mutant algorithm’. When something goes wrong, […]

Category: Forbes | Tuesday 15 September 2020 | Author: Anna Shields
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