There’s No Better New Year’s Resolution Than Becoming Better At Resolution

As the year draws to a close, it’s often a time to reflect on the past 12 months. Millions of people worldwide will make New Year’s resolutions, only to abandon them again within a few weeks. This year, why not try a different approach? With workplace conflict affecting at least a third of employees each year, it’s […]

Category: Forbes | Tuesday 4 January 2022 | Author: Anna Shields
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Are You An Ostrich, A DIYer Or A Bureaucrat When It Comes To Managing Conflict?

Everyone has preferences when it comes to dealing with difficult issues. Starting in early childhood, these predispositions are carried through to adulthood and into the workplace too. While they might feel familiar and comfortable, they may also be fueling conflict. Managers can prevent conflict from getting out of hand by recognizing their natural tendencies, understanding […]

Category: Forbes | Tuesday 7 December 2021 | Author: Anna Shields
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Reducing The Stress Of Conflict At Work Using The 3Rs

Stress at work affects most people at one time or another. And interpersonal conflict, whether it’s with a boss or a colleague, accounts for a significant proportion of this stress. According to a recent report for Acas, between 2018-2019, nearly 5 million UK employees suffered stress, anxiety, or depression due to workplace conflict. An estimated 85% of […]

Category: Forbes | Monday 8 November 2021 | Author: Anna Shields
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Resolving Conflict In The Hybrid Office – 3 Tips From A Professional Listener

As more staff return to the office, many leaders are supporting teams as they adjust to hybrid working. Part of this support will involve dealing with new sources of workplace conflict. To help employees resolve their disputes, leaders are often encouraged to be good listeners, for example, by applying ‘active listening’ skills such as eye contact, […]

Category: Forbes | Wednesday 6 October 2021 | Author: Anna Shields
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A Stitch In Time: Why It Pays To Spend Time Resolving Conflict At Work

When conflict flares up with a colleague, it’s easy to ignore it. Everyone is busy, time is precious, and there are deadlines to meet. In Oliver Burkeman’s new book, “Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals,” he highlights that the average life span is 80 years or just 4,000 weeks on earth. With this in […]

Category: Forbes | Tuesday 31 August 2021 | Author: Anna Shields
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