Can AI Resolve Your Issues With A Colleague?

The average person spends about 85,000 hours of their life at work, much of which is spent working alongside colleagues. With so many daily interactions, it’s no surprise that issues arise in these relationships. And, as many workers don’t have the skills or confidence to address these tensions, they can fester away, which impacts the individuals involved, […]

Category: Forbes | Wednesday 8 November 2023 | Author: Anna Shields
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Conflict Proficiency As A Company-Wide Asset

When conflict crops up at work, the impact can be significant, not just for those directly involved, but for teams, and the wider organization. The task of resolving conflict often lands with leaders, or a few specialist staff. This usually makes the skills of managing conflict the responsibility of a small number of relatively high-cost […]

Category: Forbes | Thursday 14 September 2023 | Author: Anna Shields
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How To Lead With Clarity Using Implicit And Explicit Communication

Leaders often think they are communicating clearly, however, busy schedules, impending deadlines, and competing pressures can get in the way of this. When instructions are curtailed and explanations rushed, misunderstandings are bound to occur. Although misunderstandings can often be smoothed out, over time, the compound effect of miscommunication results in potential relationship breakdowns and workplace […]

Category: Forbes | Tuesday 8 August 2023 | Author: Anna Shields
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Embracing Complexity: 3 Things To Accept About Workplace Conflict

At work, most of us follow clear guidelines in the hope that our actions will yield predictable outcomes. Yet when it comes to working relationships – especially challenging ones – things are more complex, because we all have diverse personalities, behaviors, and communication styles, which makes it tricky to control the outcome of our interactions […]

Category: Forbes | Friday 7 July 2023 | Author: Anna Shields
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Leading Through Conflict: Three Learning Strategies For Leaders

As a manager, there is an expectation that your role will involve resolving workplace conflict in your team quickly and effectively. When you take on a leadership role, you’ll likely have to deal with more complex and challenging issues. Colleagues may expect you to solve their conflicts for them. But, this can become a vicious […]

Category: Forbes | Monday 22 May 2023 | Author: Anna Shields
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