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Hung parliament sparks Brexit and worker rights uncertainty

EU leaders expressed fear that the result will delay Brexit talks A hung parliament election result has caused uncertainty over Brexit and those enhanced worker rights pledged by all major parties’ manifestos. The Conservatives look set to win 318 seats and Labour 261, meaning May is likely to have fewer seats than when she called […]

Category: HR Magazine | Friday 9 June 2017 | Author: Tania Coke
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Intergenerational conflict at work – A workplace mediator’s view – HR Magazine

The most common post-referendum comments I hear from those in the older generation who voted to leave is: “I’m doing it for your future.” Yet the child or grandchild responds: “But I voted remain.” Here lies the conundrum that I often see in my job as a workplace mediator; each party feels passionately that they […]

Category: HR Magazine | Monday 5 September 2016 | Author: Anna Shields
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Brexit: how will people work together post-referendum? – HR Magazine

When discussing controversial issues it’s important to listen, explore and analyse the different perspectives You can’t see the news without hearing about Brexit. Whatever the result, a large number of politicians will have to move forward and work together, despite the obvious antipathy and backbiting that has already started. Similarly, the polarising views of both camps […]

Category: HR Magazine | Thursday 12 May 2016 | Author: Macarena Mata
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The Power of an Open Mind – HR Magazine

People embroiled in conflict express themselves in many different ways; some contain themselves in steely silence, others let rip with verbal tirades. But there is one behaviour that is close to universal and may be the one thing that most exacerbates and prolongs the suffering of conflict.  By the same token, if it could be […]

Category: HR Magazine | Tuesday 14 July 2015 | Author: Tania Coke
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Mediation and mindfulness – HR Magazine

Mindfulness has recently caught the popular imagination as a way to counter the stress of everyday life. Mediation has also caught on, as a way to minimise the suffering (both human and financial) caused by workplace conflict. On the surface, mindfulness and workplace mediation are very different: the former is most often considered a silent, solitary practice […]

Category: HR Magazine | Monday 7 July 2014 | Author: Tania Coke
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