7 types of colleague you never want to be

We spend more time with them than family and friends: our co-workers, colleagues, managers and bosses. Each day, relative strangers sit side-by-side, as they do some key-tapping, meeting-doing, phone-calling and idea-having – all in the name of work. Yet, whilst the majority of UK workers get on – we’re British for goodness sake  – some […]

Category: HR Grapevine | Thursday 13 July 2017 | Author: Anna Shields
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Drawing the line for line managers in conflict management skills

It’s a perennial problem that most of us have either witnessed or even been a part of. You are good at your job and get promoted to a position where, very soon, you find that you are no longer doing ‘your job’. Instead, you are managing teams of people with little support or understanding on […]

Category: Training Zone | Tuesday 4 July 2017 | Author: Anna Shields
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Election Results: A Mediator’s View

British politics are based on the two-party system, a system which has benefits, but also risks. At worst, it can turn politics into a form of gladiatorial games and the recent electoral campaign tended in that direction. But given the immense challenges we face (specifically Brexit and terrorism), now is not the time to treat […]

Category: Blog | Friday 9 June 2017 | Author: Tania Coke
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Hung parliament sparks Brexit and worker rights uncertainty

EU leaders expressed fear that the result will delay Brexit talks A hung parliament election result has caused uncertainty over Brexit and those enhanced worker rights pledged by all major parties’ manifestos. The Conservatives look set to win 318 seats and Labour 261, meaning May is likely to have fewer seats than when she called […]

Category: HR Magazine | Friday 9 June 2017 | Author: Tania Coke
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‘I’m so busy’ – Finding the time and space to connect at work and beyond

It’s been a busy couple of months at Consensio, and that’s one of my excuses as to why we haven’t written on our blog. I’m just so busy. In fact, these words are uttered often – to my friends when they ask how I am, or to my Mum who calls me in the middle […]

Category: Blog | Thursday 11 May 2017 | Author: Anna Shields
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