Mediating cross-cultural conflict

In Japan, interpersonal relations are governed by the notion of “wa”. According to this philosophy, individuals are expected to prioritise the harmony of the group over their own personal interests. They do this by “reading the air” (kuuki wo yomu), to sense the collective feeling in the group and then choosing their words and actions […]

Category: UK Mediation Journal | Wednesday 2 January 2019 | Author: Tania Coke
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Why it’s time to humanise the workplace

How often do you have meaningful conversations with colleagues at work? If the answer is ‘rarely’, then find out why it’s time to make a positive, conscious change in the way you approach workplace relationships. Mental health seems to be top of the HR agenda at the moment. This is thanks in part to the efforts of Prince William and others […]

Category: HR Zone | Friday 30 November 2018 | Author: Tania Coke
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Empathy: The hard but important skill

Empathy has become something of a buzz word in business recently. Alex Efthymiades, co-founder of  workplace mediation experts Consensio, explores why and how workplaces can encourage more empathy… In this article you will learn: What other people have said about empathy Why empathy is important How companies are encouraging their employees to be more empathic A […]

Category: Virgin | Monday 19 November 2018 | Author: Alex Efthymiades
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The Brave New World of Healthy Workplace Conflict

If your organisation is entirely free from workplace conflict, then this article is not for you. If, on the other hand, you are aware of conflicts of interest, disputes or disagreements arising in your organisation, then read on. In this article, we invite you to reflect on the way such disagreements are handled in your […]

Category: Entrepreneur&Investor | Wednesday 12 September 2018 | Author: Tania Coke
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Speaking from the Soul in Mediation

I’ve recently become aware in myself of two very different voices. One I call my social voice. It is a respectable, adult voice, which justifies things on the basis of logic and social convention. It favours long words and buzz words and doesn’t mind a bit of jargon. The other voice, I call my personal […]

Category: UK Mediation Journal | Tuesday 14 August 2018 | Author: Tania Coke
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