‘It’s just a conversation’ – New mediation case study and free mediation checklist

We are fortunate that some of our mediation parties have generously shared their mediation stories so that others can find out more about this confidential process. However, very few people are in the unique position of having gone through workplace mediation on two separate occasions! In our latest case study, a senior journalist reveals how […]

Category: Blog | Wednesday 1 August 2018 | Author: Anna Shields
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How mediation can help resolve workplace conflicts in the NHS

My mediation journey is a story of transformation, not just for me, but also for the NHS trust I work for. Over a decade ago, I was a union rep known as the ‘grievance king.’ Now, I am the mediation coordinator of our internal mediation service and I have been involved in over 100 workplace […]

Category: Healthcare Leader | Tuesday 17 July 2018 | Author: Kate Cymerman
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Changing the culture of conflict

Tania Coke thinks a little conflict can be a good thing. A new vision of organisational conflict is emerging. In this vision, conflict is no longer seen as a destructive force, destined to drag down morale, productivity and profits. Instead, conflict becomes an opportunity for learning and growth, which can increase creativity and boost motivation and […]

Category: Training Journal | Thursday 12 July 2018 | Author: Tania Coke
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How courageous conversations can resolve workplace conflicts

Why do so many managers shy away from having tough conversations with employees? Knowing what to say at the right time can help nip conflicts and other issues in the bud, explains Tania Coke from workplace mediation specialists Consensio. When I have a problem with a colleague, I know that the sensible thing to do […]

Category: Personnel Today | Monday 25 June 2018 | Author: Tania Coke
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Why aren’t we having more Courageous Conversations at work?

It’s been a busy few months at Consensio since we published our practical guide on Courageous Workplace Conversations. We know that this is an important topic for our clients and we were excited to host a seminar on courageous workplace conversations in central London last week. The seminar covered why we don’t have courageous conversations […]

Category: Blog | Monday 18 June 2018 | Author: Alex Efthymiades
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