Mediation: an essential skill for today’s leaders – HR Zone

HR professionals and line managers who have been trained in mediation skills report a greater understanding and self-awareness of their own conflict management styles, as well as a significant increase in their confidence and skill levels which enable them to address conflict. Importantly, HR and line managers also report that after undertaking mediation skills training, […]

Category: HR Zone | Thursday 9 December 2010 | Author: Alex Efthymiades
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We just need to talk it over – The Sunday Times

Most business disputes can be settled through mediation in a matter of days – and so can rows at work, writes Carly Chynoweth Conflict resolution has become big business. The number of disagreements settled through arbitration or mediation rose 78% between 2007 and 2009. The cost of mediation cases alone is more than £5 billion […]

Category: The Sunday Times | Sunday 5 December 2010 | Author: Hannah King
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How to Develop a Business Case for Mediation – A Helping Hand – Personnel Today

Mediation and alternative dispute resolution have seen a surge of interest since they were first mentioned as recommendations in the ACAS Code of Practice Consensio, a mediation and conflict resolution services provider, has noticed a marked increase in the demand for these services as organisations understand what mediation can and cannot do for their business […]

Category: Personnel Today | Monday 29 November 2010 | Author: Anna Shields
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Mediation Skills Can Decrease the Harmful Effects of Redundancy in the Public Sector – Opportunities

With the prediction that anything up to half a million public sector jobs will be lost as a result of the Government’s spending cuts, a large part of the UK public sector workforce is faced with an uncertain future. Redundancy raises a number of challenging issues to employers and employees alike and quite often leads […]

Category: Opportunities | Tuesday 2 November 2010 | Author: Anna Shields & Alex Efthymiades
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The Case for Mediation – The Guardian

Getting employees and managers to talk before formal grievance procedures begin can save time, money and long-term negativity By Karl Cockerill We first set up our in-house mediation scheme at NHS East Lancashire in 2008. I remember that our interim HR director tried to convince me that the way forward was to bring in mediation […]

Category: The Guardian | Wednesday 1 September 2010 | Author: Hannah King
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