Why Mediation Matters – Personnel Today

The Government’s “employer’s charter” seeks to reform the way that employers handle workplace disputes and to reduce the number of tribunals.┬áTania Coke, senior mediation consultant at workplace mediation specialists┬áConsensio, considers how mediation can help resolve conflict by addressing emotional issues. Conflict affects us at many levels. It evokes strong emotions, such as fear, guilt and […]

Category: Personnel Today | Friday 11 May 2012 | Author: Tania Coke
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Boost participative leadership, employee empowerment and engagement – Recruiter Magazine

There is a strong argument in favour of mediation as a means of handling workplace conflict because of the obvious cost-savings and the fact that mediation can bypass the need for lengthy formal processes and significantly reduce human stress and suffering in the process. These are genuine and important considerations but there is another driver […]

Category: Recruiter Magazine | Wednesday 2 May 2012 | Author: Tania Coke
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In praise of mediation: keeping the peace in the workplace – The Guardian

A government consultation has concluded that the benefits of resolving disputes through mediation are not only financial Public sector organisations are increasingly looking towards mediation as an alternative to traditional processes such as grievances, investigations and employment tribunals. A Consensio survey into how and why the public sector is using mediation has shed light on […]

Category: The Guardian | Friday 2 March 2012 | Author: Tania Coke
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Promoting a Principled Approach to Mediation in the Public Sector – Opportunities

The Government recently published its response to the consultation on Resolving Workplace Disputes, placing mediation centre-stage in its strategy of reducing the cost of workplace conflict and improving the culture of employment relations in both the private and public sectors. It outlined plans for a long-term programme to make mediation a more accepted and trusted […]

Category: Opportunities | Thursday 1 March 2012 | Author: Tania Coke
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Finding Harmony – The HR Director

In recession, the volume and intensity of organisational disputes inevitably soars. What can an organisation do to protect itself from this tide of destructive conflict? Asks Tania Coke, Senior Mediation Consultant, Consensio Interpersonal disagreement and difference are inevitable, even healthy features of organisational life. At best, they can foster constructive debate, healthy competition, innovation, and […]

Category: The HR Director | Wednesday 14 December 2011 | Author: Tania Coke
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