Time to talk: the benefits of handling pay-related disputes through mediation – Pay and Benefits Magazine

Ever since the salary was invented, there have been pay-related tensions between employer and employee – and also between workers who are disgruntled at their relative payment levels. In times of economic hardship, these tensions intensify as the pot of money available for compensation shrinks. Without a doubt, 2012 is such a time. A grim outlook When hoped-for salary rises fail to materialise and […]

Category: Pay and Benefits Magazine | Thursday 1 November 2012 | Author: Tania Coke
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Workplace disputes – the role of the mediator – Changeboard

In its recent consultation on workplace disputes, the government found that: “significant growth in mediation of workplace disputes has the potential to lead to a major and dramatic shift in the culture of employment relations.”* The government has recently launched two regional mediation pilots for SMEs, which involve training up a number of mediators from […]

Category: Changeboard | Saturday 1 September 2012 | Author: Tania Coke
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Crush Complexity: employment tribunals – mediate, or pay? – HR Magazine

By David Woods The old chestnut of tribunal reform has barely been out of the news, since HR called on HRDs last month (cover pictured right) to propose their agendas for change in the tribunal procedure, in our bid to minimise the great complexity in employment regulations. The Ministry of Justice said it would introduce […]

Category: HR Magazine | Wednesday 8 August 2012 | Author: Hannah King
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The tangible returns of mediation – Strategic HR Review

You’ve heard of mediation. You might even be aware that in the UK, the  Government has recently placed mediation at the heart of its strategy of reducing the cost of conflict and improving workplace relations. And perhaps you are intuitively drawn to the idea of empowering people in conflict to determine their own resolution with […]

Category: Strategic HR Review | Wednesday 1 August 2012 | Author: Tania Coke
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Regional mediation pilot schemes up and running as part of employment tribunal reforms – HR Magazine

By David Woods The latest steps in reforms to the employment tribunal system were unveiled by Employment Relations Minister Norman Lamb (pictured) yesterday, with the appointment of the Regional Mediation Network pilot scheme provider. Consensio, a member of the Civil Mediation Council, is to develop and provide a comprehensive mediation-training package for a group of […]

Category: HR Magazine | Thursday 21 June 2012 | Author: Hannah King
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