Success and sustainability in mediation – HR Magazine

In January this year, the UK Government announced details of a consultation on workplace disputes, directly aimed at achieving earlier resolution of conflict for all parties involved. The Government is considering how organisations can make more use of dispute resolution tools such as mediation and is seeking further information on its use, costs, benefits and […]

Category: HR Magazine | Friday 19 August 2011 | Author: Tania Coke
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How mediation helps Camden Council reduce grievances – The Guardian

Sue Rice explains why the borough has developed an in-house mediation service for its staff Mediation has been used in Camden to address a range of different issues including relationship breakdowns, personality clashes, communication problems and allegations of bullying and harassment. This has been a challenging time across the public sector and I am pleased […]

Category: The Guardian | Friday 22 July 2011 | Author: Hannah King
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Workplace wellbeing: essential for CPD – Training Zone

Mediation offers an informal and flexible way to deal with conflict. Most employees and employers report positive outcomes from mediation. Managers trained in how to handle difficult conversations can significantly improve wellbeing in the workplace. Workplace conflict can seriously impact on training managers’ continuing professional development. Fear not though, Anna Shields has a few pointers to navigate […]

Category: Training Zone | Monday 27 June 2011 | Author: Anna Shields
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Up for discussion: Mediation – People Management

By Carly Chynoweth  Mediation can solve workplace disputes long before they reach employment tribunal at a much lower financial and emotional cost. So why don’t more organisations adopt this technique? Workplace disagreements are expensive; last year, employment tribunal claims cost British businesses £1.6 billion in fees, awards and out-of-court settlements, according to recruitment consultancy Ambition. […]

Category: People Management | Wednesday 1 June 2011 | Author: Hannah King
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Mediation and wellbeing: An all-weather strategy – HR Zone

Conflict in the workplace is as common as a rainy day in the UK. And, like a miserable wet day, workplace disputes have a negative effect on our wellbeing in the workplace. Whilst we can prepare for rain, with stylish wellies and colourful umbrellas, most HR professionals and line managers feel ill-equipped and lack the […]

Category: HR Zone | Tuesday 29 March 2011 | Author: Anna Shields
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