How to Develop a Business Case for Mediation – A Helping Hand – Personnel Today

Mediation and alternative dispute resolution have seen a surge of interest since they were first mentioned as recommendations in the ACAS Code of Practice

Consensio, a mediation and conflict resolution services provider, has noticed a marked increase in the demand for these services as organisations understand what mediation can and cannot do for their business and the impact this has on their bottom line.

“We have been hosting complimentary seminars for some time which explore the benefits of mediation and have always found them well attended by HR practitioners and business managers alike,” comments Alex Efthymiades, co-founder and Director of Consensio. “The difference we’ve noticed in the past six months is the demand from our delegates to understand and learn how best to present a business case for introducing mediation into the day-to-day practice of an organisation. As a result, we have revamped our seminars to focus more strongly on helping delegates make a solid business case for mediation.” It’s a sign of the economic times that such a spotlight is placed on the business case for what is clearly a beneficial and much needed intervention. A lot of people are currently feeling very uncertain at work, and this can lead to more tension and conflict within businesses.”

Consensio’s next complimentary seminar is being held on Wednesday 8 December in central London. For more information or to reserve a place, visit

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