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Workplace conflict is on the increase” – so says Alex Efthymiades, Director at mediation and conflict resolution services provider Consensio

“We’ve noticed a surge in people over the past few months coming to us asking about how best to manage conflict and deal with the issues that arise from problems between people at work,”says Alex. “It’s no real surprise given the current turmoil organisations are in as they may have been through one round of redundancy and restructuring and may be looking at another. In times of uncertainty, issues between people can get magnified and assume greater perceived importance than they would have during more settled times – and that then leads to disputes or conflict.”

Consensio has added a new range of courses to its training programme for 2011 to meet the increased demand and need of conflict resolution and mediation training.

“Some organisations are ready to introduce mediation as an integrated part of their policies and procedures. Others want to upskill their managers by training them in mediation skills so that they are able to resolve conflict in their teams more effectively. We offer courses to meet all of these different needs.”

Consensio’s courses are experiential and delegates practice the skills that will enable them to constructively manage conflict whilst getting detailed feedback from the trainers. “We find that when delegates understand why mediation works and some of the psychological aspects behind conflict and the way people behave, putting it into practice becomes easier and more real,” comments Alex.

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