Sorry seems to be the hardest word… Or is it?

I was listening to the radio recently and Elton John’s famous song ‘Sorry seems to be the hardest word’ was playing. I hear a lot of apologies in my job as a workplace mediator. So the song made me reflect on whether “sorry” really is such a difficult word to say. The non-apology apology There […]

Category: Blog | Thursday 19 May 2016 | Author: Anna Shields
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What we can learn from organisations that use workplace mediation

For nearly 10 years now, Consensio has supported organisations to embed workplace mediation so that the pattern of over-reliance on formal process is broken and a more collaborative and less punitive method of resolving difficult workplace relationships is used instead. Workplace mediation is on the rise We have noticed a significant increase in organisations using […]

Category: Blog | Wednesday 11 May 2016 | Author: Alex Efthymiades
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Consensio launches new workplace mediation case study

You often hear that workplace mediation is a useful tool to resolve conflict, but you rarely hear from the actual parties who go through the mediation process. That’s why we are very excited to share our latest real life workplace mediation case study, which describes the perspective of both parties in conflict who have gone […]

Category: Blog | Thursday 21 April 2016 | Author: Anna Shields
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The Great Acceleration and Workplace Conflict

I have read with interest recent reviews of Robert Colville’s new book The Great Acceleration: How the World is Getting Faster, Faster, which is released today. The book looks at how technology and our insatiable desire for convenience have speeded up every part of our lives. Our walking speeds have increased 10% since the 1990s, […]

Category: Blog | Thursday 7 April 2016 | Author: Anna Shields
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The Link Between Employee Engagement and Conflict Management

HR Review just published a special edition on Employee Engagement which featured an article written by Consensio titled “Conflict Management: Another Answer to Employee Engagement?”  Employee engagement has been a hot topic in HR circles for a long time, but rarely is the connection made between a healthy conflict organisation and how this contributes to […]

Category: Blog | Thursday 24 March 2016 | Author: Alex Efthymiades
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