Our latest mediation case study from a Senior NHS Consultant

For people experiencing conflict with a colleague, work can be a very difficult place.

“I want to share this story because, like many other people, workplace conflict was having a huge impact on me. I will even go so far as to say it was destroying my life. At times it felt like I was losing the plot.”

Our latest case study tells the real story of a senior NHS Consultant who was profoundly affected by a destructive relationship at work, and how mediation was the path to recovery.

This candid and emotional account of their mediation journey will be of interest both to:

  • HR professionals, who would like to find out more about how and why mediation works.
  • Individuals who are considering mediation, to help them explore the benefits of this approach through a first-hand account.

Please click here to read this unique case study and find out how mediation can help parties to find an informal way forward through difficult issues.

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