Election Results: A Mediator’s View

British politics are based on the two-party system, a system which has benefits, but also risks. At worst, it can turn politics into a form of gladiatorial games and the recent electoral campaign tended in that direction. But given the immense challenges we face (specifically Brexit and terrorism), now is not the time to treat politics like a game. I for one would like to see a new culture of politics. I would like to see politicians across the spectrum engage in an open exchange of perspectives with a shared goal of expanding mutual understanding and finding the best outcomes for this country and beyond.

And the responsibility does not lie only with the politicians. We can all help change the culture of politics by changing the way we think and communicate about political issues. We need to put aside bickering and recriminations after the election and make time to listen and to explore the different viewpoints. We have to move beyond entrenched positions and platitudes and be open to new possibilities and partnerships. It’s no easy task but we can at least try.

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