Consensio’s 2018 News Round-Up

Published by Consensio in 2018, we share with you nine Consensio articles which have appeared in well-known publications such as Personnel Today and Training Journal.  Download our news round up to find out:

How courageous conversations can resolve workplace conflict. If you ever wonder why so many managers shy away from having courageous conversations at work, you will find some answers in this article published in Personnel Today.

How mediation can help resolve workplace conflicts in the NHS. Do you want to find out what makes for a successful internal mediation service? Then read this article by one of our NHS clients, who shares his story of transformation from grievance king to mediation convert.

How to change the culture of conflict in your organisation. Check out our article in Training Journal, which explores a new vision of organisational conflict, in which conflict becomes an opportunity for learning and growth, and that can increase creativity, boost motivation and performance.

Season’s greetings and wishing you all the best for 2019.

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