Consensio launches new workplace mediation case study

New Case Study - HomepageYou often hear that workplace mediation is a useful tool to resolve conflict, but you rarely hear from the actual parties who go through the mediation process. That’s why we are very excited to share our latest real life workplace mediation case study, which describes the perspective of both parties in conflict who have gone through workplace mediation.

This case study is based on the dialogue of two parties who recently participated in a Consensio mediation. The mediation was successful and the parties kindly agreed to share their experience with us to help others who are considering mediation to understand what it is like to go through a real life mediation.

In their own words, the parties describe:

  • How each felt leading up to mediation, during the mediation day, and after it ended.
  • How the process worked on both an emotional and practical level.
  • Key learning points from each perspective, including how mediation impacted the wider team.

The case study will help HR professionals to explain workplace mediation to hesitant parties, to demystify the process, and to highlight the benefits of a mediated approach. Click here to download this engaging and unique case study.

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