Conflict Resolution and Mediation News Round-Up

Welcome to our first blog post of 2020.

The last year, with its complex and ever-shifting political and economic environment, presented challenges for many organisations. Despite this, people professionals have continued to focus on supporting and developing their employees. Awareness of the importance of informal conflict resolution and employee well-being has continued to grow, and we’ve had the opportunity to share insights and experiences in a range of well-known publications.

We’ve pulled together a selection of Consensio articles that have featured in media such as Personnel Today and Training Journal in the past year. Download our news round-up to read more about:

The link between conflict and well-being: Personnel Today reported on the results of a Consensio survey in which 75% of respondents revealed that conflict had affected their mental health, and 65% their physical well-being.

Skills development: We took a look at the benefits of upskilling your ‘first responders’ at work so that line managers can help diffuse tension when conflict erupts. Plus, how to build your ‘conflict muscle’ by resisting the urge to problem-solve.

Cross-cultural support: There’s always something to learn by looking to cultures and mind-sets that are different from our own, and mediation offers opportunities for parties to explore some of these cultural differences.

A values-based approach: Have you wondered how to make people trust you at work? In Training Zone, we explored how to inspire trust in others and, in turn, learn to trust them ourselves. And, ahead of the election, we encouraged voting on values, not policies.

Personal experiences of mediation: A senior manager shared their experience of the mediation process and the learning they’ve been able to take forward in their career.

Wishing you a peaceful and productive 2020.

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