Rethinking politics: Lessons from workplace mediation and the arts

Witnessing British politics of late has been a stark reminder of the dangers of polarisation. In the EU referendum, an immensely complex issue was reduced to two choices: Remain or Leave. In the recent General Election, the entire political spectrum seemed to shrink to two political positions: Tory or Labour. Mediation theory tells us that […]

Category: UK Mediation Journal | Thursday 3 August 2017 | Author: Tania Coke
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There’s more than one way to solve a dispute

By Jane Simms Resolving workplace differences is a fine art – and many businesses have been getting it dramatically wrong Put down the franking machine and step away from your annoying colleague: the first rule of resolving conflict at work is to stop thinking of it as a problem. We see confrontation and disagreement as […]

Category: People Management | Thursday 27 July 2017 | Author: Lucie Malatova
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Drawing the line in line management

We often talk about the importance of training line managers in conflict resolution and mediation skills as they are the best ‘workplace mediators’ an organisation has. Line managers are close to the action and can deal with issues at work quickly and informally. Read our recent article in Training Zone which features UCLH and the conflict […]

Category: Blog | Wednesday 19 July 2017 | Author: Anna Shields
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7 types of colleague you never want to be

We spend more time with them than family and friends: our co-workers, colleagues, managers and bosses. Each day, relative strangers sit side-by-side, as they do some key-tapping, meeting-doing, phone-calling and idea-having – all in the name of work. Yet, whilst the majority of UK workers get on – we’re British for goodness sake  – some […]

Category: HR Grapevine | Thursday 13 July 2017 | Author: Anna Shields
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Drawing the line for line managers in conflict management skills

It’s a perennial problem that most of us have either witnessed or even been a part of. You are good at your job and get promoted to a position where, very soon, you find that you are no longer doing ‘your job’. Instead, you are managing teams of people with little support or understanding on […]

Category: Training Zone | Tuesday 4 July 2017 | Author: Anna Shields
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