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Mediation Services

Every organisation experiences conflict in the workplace. Whilst conflict can be a catalyst for change and creativity in organisations, it can also be extremely costly, both in financial and human terms. Our mediation service offers an alternative approach to resolving destructive workplace conflict.

Consensio provides workplace and employment mediation services in London and throughout the UK to a wide range of clients, including: Accenture, AXA, the BBC, Department for Business Innovation and Skills, Cancer Research UK, Channel 4, Independent Police Complaints Commission, numerous NHS Trusts, Rank Group, Sony, The White Company and many more.

Click here to read a mediation case study written by a senior manager, which provides a unique account of what happens during a workplace mediation.

Consensio is a registered mediation provider with the Civil Mediation Council.


"I would just like to say a big thank you to Consensio. The day was very difficult and I had been dreading it but you made me feel relaxed. Even though I thought that it was going to end with no resolution, it ended in a positive way with a solution that we were both happy with. I now feel that I will be able to enjoy the Christmas period with my family instead of dreading the New Year at work."

Mediation Party, Large Police Force

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Consensio's Mediation Services offer clients:

  • An effective process to resolve workplace conflict and restore working relationships. Most cases referred to mediation result in a positive outcome.
  • An efficient conflict management intervention. Most mediations are completed within one day.
  • A cost-effective alternative to litigation. Please contact us to discuss our competitive fee structure.
  • A future-focused approach which allows parties to explore past issues and concerns and then focus on their goals for mediation.
  • A process in which the parties are in control to determine an outcome which is mutually acceptable and workable.
  • A flexible intervention that does not prevent parties from pursuing other courses of action in cases where mediation does not lead to resolution.
  • The opportunity to create a constructive and healthy work environment. Clients often observe increased productivity and staff morale post-mediation.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a confidential, voluntary and informal process that involves two or more parties in dispute and an impartial mediator. The mediator meets with each party individually before facilitating a joint session with the parties.

The goal of mediation is for parties to speak with each other in an open and honest manner to try and reach a resolution that is acceptable to all parties in dispute. The mediator uses techniques to facilitate a conversation between the parties in a safe and constructive environment.

The mediator will not tell the parties what to do. Any agreement that is reached is determined solely by the parties.

What workplace disputes can be referred to mediation?

Most workplace disputes can be referred for mediation provided that the parties are willing to engage with the process. Mediation can be used prior to, concurrently, or after a workplace procedure, such as a grievance or disciplinary.

How successful is mediation?

Mediation can be a powerful intervention with a high success rate. However, unlike other mediation providers, Consensio does not merely measure success by a signed agreement; nor do we directly link a signed agreement to a high success rate.

At Consensio, we see a signed agreement as a useful instrument. But we quantify our success as a mediation provider by a variety of factors post-mediation: regular follow-up conversations with parties, feedback from the parties, and an additional meeting that can be requested by parties. This allows us to follow and support the parties in the longer term, whether an agreement has been signed or not.

More information

For further details, please visit our Mediation Process or Mediation FAQ pages.

Consensio also offers Team Mediation.

To book a mediation or to speak to a Consensio mediator:

For further details, please see our Mediation FAQ page.



Mediation Case Study 

Because of its confidential nature, mediation is shrouded in mystery. 

Click here to read a unique account of a senior manager involved in mediation.


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“The mediator had a hard job on her hands that day! She heard both sides and helped clarifiy what one person was saying to the other in a neutral way. She was there when she was needed and not there when she wasn’t needed.”

Mediation party, Publishing House

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