Download our 6-part guide to help you to facilitate conflict conversations.

  • How to open the conversation
  • How to listen
  • How to play back
  • How to highlight choices for moving forward
  • How to support decision-making
  • How to handle roadblocks
Overview: Do you ever wonder what you could do to help defuse workplace conflicts? If so, this guide is for you. In it, we outline the core skills used by trained mediators when mediating workplace disputes. 

Download our white paper Internal vs External Mediators: Your options for using mediation to find out:

  • The 4 different options available, including the benefits of each option
  • 8 real life case studies from Consensio clients, including Bupa, Capgemini, Rank Group, The Independent Police Complaints Commission, City of Westminster and Cancer Research UK
  • What you need to consider before implementing mediation in your organisation

Overview: You may be considering introducing mediation into your organisation, but unsure whether to rely on the services of a third party mediation specialist versus developing your own in-house mediation expertise. In this paper, we examine the four core models available to you, backed up by 8 client case studies, to show you how a mediation scheme can be flexed to suit the needs of your organisation.


Download our case study Behind Closed Doors - An Employee's Experience of Workplace Mediation to find out:

  • What goes on in a confidential mediation.
  • The party's feelings about the process.
  • The final outcome.

Overview: Because of its confidential nature, mediation is shrouded in mystery. Most of us don’t know what actually goes on behind the closed doors of a mediation process. Consensio is opening these doors to provide you with a unique account of mediation from the perspective of a senior manager involved in mediation.

Download our case study of NHS East Lancashire's in-house mediation scheme to find out:

  • The issues prompting the scheme
  • Key milestones
  • Stories from staff members
  • Evaluation & cost-savings analysis

Overview:This paper describes NHS East Lancashire’s experience of setting up and evaluating an in-house mediation scheme. The scheme has, in a very short period of time, yielded significant benefits to the Trust which are outlined in this paper. This paper analyses the key milestones for the scheme and the lessons to be learned for organisations that want to implement or further develop an in-house mediation scheme.


Download our industry review Mediation: A Welcome Guest or Potential Pest? to find out:

  • Key facts about workplace mediation.
  • Answers to the eight main concerns voiced by fellow HR professionals.
  • Clarification of many misconceptions about mediation.

Overview: Organisations across the UK have greeted the new Employment Act with a mixture of emotions - from apprehension to excitement. The new ACAS Code of Practice for Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures encourages organisations to resolve disputes in-house and with a focus on early resolution. The Code also introduces a new method for handling workplace conflict – Mediation. This review will answer many of the questions and concerns voiced by employers to clarify some of the misconceptions surrounding mediation. It will also help you decide whether this new tactic is a welcome guest or a potential pest to your HR strategy.


Download our complimentary white paper Mediation: What's the big deal? to find out:

  • The cost of conflict to your organisation.
  • The business case for using mediation.
  • How to successfully embed mediation within your organisation, regardless of size or service sector.

Overview: The proposed amendments to the Employment Act 2002 will come into force by April 2009 and herald a more prominent role for mediation in workplaces across the UK. How will this affect your workplace? This paper uses a case study to explore the cost of conflict and the business case for using mediation in UK workplaces. The paper proposes the options available for accessing mediation services and outlines what you need to consider before implementing mediation into your organisation.  


We are often asked for advice on how to become a mediator. In this article 'Breaking in to the Fields of Conflict Resolution', Ilan Gewurz provides guidance to the perplexed.

'Getting to Yes' by Fisher and Ury is a seminal work in negotiation strategy. In this short book review, we explore the book's key concepts.


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