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Consensio understands that workplace conflict is complex, costly and resource-intensive. To help clients manage conflict more effectively, Consensio has developed a portfolio of services that can be tailor-made to suit each clients' needs. Consensio's five key service areas are:


Mediation is a powerful intervention with immediate and long-term benefits for individuals and teams in conflict. Mediation is a voluntary and confidential process which allows parties to address their issues and concerns in a safe and constructive environment. In most cases, exploring the contested issues with an impartial mediator enables parties to move on from their difficulties and come to a mutually acceptable resolution. A successfully mediated outcome can result in a more harmonious work environment, increased productivity, staff morale and group cohesion. Consensio has developed a one-day mediation model that is focused, dynamic and effective. Read more...

Internal Mediation Service

For many organisations, setting up an internal mediation service is a key element of an effective conflict management system. A pool of accredited internal mediators will empower organisations to manage conflict in-house, to address conflict at an early stage and to develop a culture of conflict resolution. Consensio works in strategic partnership with clients to create or adapt an internal mediation service. Consensio supports clients at all stages of this process to ensure that the service is sustainable and in line with existing policies and procedures: we will meet key stakeholders; interview potential mediators; offer support in the design of policies and procedures; deliver accredited mediation training, refresher and advanced training; and regularly assess, evaluate and review the service. Read more...


Consensio's training programmes provide a variety of comprehensive conflict management tools. Our courses combine theory and practice to offer clients an innovative, challenging and experiential training experience. On each course, participants will acquire a wide range of transferable skills to constructively manage organisational conflicts. Consensio's courses can be tailor-made for all sectors of the workforce. Consensio delivers a variety of introductory workshops, short courses and accredited courses. Consensio trainers are qualified mediators who have a wealth of practical and theoretical experience in the field of conflict management. Read more...

Conflict Coaching

Conflict coaching is a dynamic intervention that combines dispute resolution and coaching techniques. By working with clients on a one-on-one basis, coaches support their clients to resolve, prevent and forecast difficult situations in the workplace. Conflict coaching is a confidential and voluntary process that enables individuals to manage workplace conflict in a more constructive and confident manner. Consensio's coaches work with staff members at all organisational levels. Conflict coaching can be accessed as an exclusive intervention or as part of a mediation or training package. Consensio works with the UK's leading conflict coaches to devise an intervention to suit each client's needs. Read more...

Conflict Consultancy

Consensio works in strategic partnership with clients to design, deliver and implement bespoke consultancy services. Through our extensive work in the field of conflict management, we have explored many aspects of organisational conflict: effective and ineffective strategies and lessons to be learned for the modern workplace. Consensio's consultancy services range on a continuum from pure research/analysis to project and practical work - or anywhere in-between - and span across all areas relating to workplace conflict management and mediation. Consensio offers consultancy to a variety of private, public sector and NGO clients. We approach each project as a unique assignment and we will work with clients at all stages to deliver an exceptional and tailor-made service. Read more...

Consensio is a registered mediation provider with the Civil Mediation Council 

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Mediation is a confidential, voluntary and informal process that involves two or more parties in dispute and an impartial mediator.  Read more...



Consensio's wide-ranging and comprehensive portfolio of training courses has been developed to help clients transform their responses to organisational conflict. Read more...